The Lifestyle Insights System (LIS) is based on the DISC Behavioral Styles Analysis, a methodology that provides a unique and highly usable process for improving communication between and within individuals and groups. It begins with a brief (8-10 minute) online survey, that assesses and clarifies the behavioral tendencies that impact how you as an individual typically act in work and life situations. It is these, often ignored or unnoticed, behavioral tendencies in life and/or business that can make the difference between good communication, bad communication and miscommunication.

Know Yourself

From 'Back in the Day'

"He who knows others is wise: he who knows himself is enlightened"
Lao Tzu, 6th Century Chinese Philosopher and author of "The Tao Te Ching"

To the 'Present Day'

“First seek to understand, then to be understood”
- Dr. Steven Covey, author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" (Habit #5)

Both these quotes, centuries apart (and there are many other authorities, in between that make the same point), tell us unequivocally that knowing and understanding ourselves, and knowing and understanding others is the key to great communication. This is the foundation of the Lifestyle Insights approach.

The Scientific Basis for the DISC

The American Psychological Association recognizes five major psychological traits as fundamental to human behavior. These traits (often referred to as the "Big Five", or the “Five Factor Model” FFM) are:

  • Openness to Experience (or Dominance, Determination or "Drive.")
  • Friendliness (or the ability to Influence)
  • Steadiness (or Emotional Stability)
  • Conscientiousness (or Compliance) to Rules
  • Extraversion vs Introversion

We give the letters D, I, S, and C to the first four traits. Since people who score high for D and I tend to be extroverts and people who score high for S and C tend to be introverts, the fifth factor cited by the APA is also factored into our reports.

Our 8-10 minute Lifestyle Insights online survey brings out these traits and clarifies their importance for, and impact on an individual. The comprehensive LIS report generated from our DISC survey makes these basic concepts in neuroscience, psychology and behavior easier to understand and apply to real life situations. The insights provided by our report have been shown to be invaluable in two major settings:

  • As a personalized, in depth communication tool: When we meet with individuals and groups to discus and analyse the meaning and significance of their LIS Report, they gain invaluable information and insight into their own behavioral style and, just as importantly, that of others. They will "know themselves" and will learn how to "know others". Communication dramatically improves as a result!
  • As a powerful, insightful coaching tool: The real power of the LIS becomes apparent when it is used as a coaching tool by a qualified behavioral strategist and/or someone trained by ProActivAge. Using this approach, individuals and groups not only enhance their communication skills but also empower themselves to take responsibility for their own health, energy, and performance, both personally and professionally. The benefits gained are truly remarkable!

The DISC is often referred to as “The Universal Language” since it has been shown to be accurate across ages and cultures.

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