Our approach to improved communication, the Lifestyle Insights System (LIS), is based on the DISC Behavioral Styles Analysis, a proven and reliable methodology which significantly improves communication between and within individuals and groups. Successfully implemented by hundreds of organizations over several decades, the LIS begins with a brief (8-10 minute) online survey, that assesses and clarifies personal behavioral tendencies (behavioral styles) that are often ignored or unnoticed, but significantly impact the way we as individuals typically act - and react - in work or life situations. How these behavioral styles are addresssed - or whether they are addressed - makes the difference between good communication, bad communication and miscommunication.

The LIS survey produces a comprehensive, individualized report that, based on your survey answers, describes your own behavioral styles and preferences from a number of different perspectives such as "Strengths", "Keys to Collaborating", "Keys to Motivating", "Hindering Factors". Each of these insightful perspectives are then discussed in a group or individual coaching-like session. The goals of these sessions are, firstly to ensure that you know and understand your own behavioral style - i.e. that you can "Know yourself" and, secondly that you are able to recognize or discover the behavioral style of those with whom you communicate - i.e that you can "Know others".

Behavioral research on interpersonal relationships tells us that people like people who they percieve as similar to themselves. They also also communicate better with such people! Therefore, if you know your own behavioral style, and recognize that of others, you can adapt your behavioral style to match theirs - and your communication improves dramatically!

Our LIS will teach you to-

  • Know your own behavioral style
  • Recognize the behavioral style of others
  • Adapt your behavior style for greater communication

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